Our Vision

We chose to work together to keep our catteries small scaled whilst still achieving the goal of providing new owners with beautiful, happy socialised and confident Peterbald kittens.

The Peterbald Cat 

Our co-operation began in early 2015 when Amanda mated her first peterbald with a male from S*Cupcakes first Peterbald litter. We’ve chosen all our breeding cats together after this and in 2016 we decided to buy a male from South Africa to keep our lines exclusive, thus achieving healthy kittens and the type we’re so fond of.
We don’t want to breed the completely naked Peterbalds. We agreed that this is not for us, due to the health issues that come with homozygotous naked Peterbalds. Also, that the naked breed does not appeal to our taste as much as the Flock and Brush does. We aim to breed Flock as this is what we prefer and Brush as it is essential for breeding. We will continue the process of outcrossing with Oriental and Siamese breeds, so that we may bring a wider gene pool and with this hopefully reaching a Peterbald cat that ultimately looks like an Oriental or Siamese.

Although the type of the breed is discussed in detailed, the temperament and health of the breed is also important to us, if not more. We have chosen males specifically for our females, so that they can co-exist in a calm and balanced environment.
In Gothenburg, Amanda has the opportunity to work closely with veterinarian, Lisa Olafsdottír allowing her to observe her breeding and give exceptional guidance on the care of the cats.

Showing our Peterbalds

We believe that exhibiting our cats on catshows gives us a good hint about where we’re heading with the type, aswell as seeing and meeting other cats of similiar breeds and their breeders aswell.
We also want to show the Peterbald cats for spectators and others to see them, and for the fun of it! 



Keeping our cats at home

We also try as far as possible to keep our cats at home for their entire lives, to evaluate their health. We also first and foremost have our cats as beloved and adored (and a bit spoiled, of course) pets at home as our full family members. We aim for our cats to be kept home for majority of their lives, this ensures their health and wellbeing. Our priority is to provide our cats the love and companionship that they need. They’re adored and treated like family therefore we do sometimes rehome retired adults so they can have their own loving family. The cats used for breeding are neutered after the breeding programme.

The Future Vision of our Peterbalds

We want to breed Peterbald cats that live long and healthy lives with us or their new owners. We also want all our cats to have a good type, so that there will be no doubt about what breed it is; being the Peterbald! The perfect cat which is a loving creature without temperamental issues, that’s cheeky and confident but still sweet. Soft and gentle but still curious, active and social. We’re also both very fond of the agouti patterns, spotted and classic tabbies and look forward to seeing a lot more of these in the future. We adore the iconic green eyes from Orientals and plan on keeping eyes vividly green.