The Odd I's Team

We are located in central Gothenburg near Skansen Kronan in a big apartment.
The cats have a netted balcony where they love to bask in the sun. 

Our Peterbald Adult Cats

SC SE*Odd I’s Carol Anne PEB f 21

“Nouba” was born in our first peterbald litter. 
She is PRA-free, got that real tortietude.

More pictures of Nouba

IC SE*Odd I’s Leave it Alone JW PEB a

“Ior” was born like a little blue baby bear in Noubas first litter with the handsome siamese IC S*Tiddlywinks Eyes I am Siam, SIA n. 
Ior is the first Peterbald cat in FIFé to achiev the title Junior Winner and he is a true soft charmer. 

More pictures of Ior

CH SE*Odd I’s Lori Meyers PEB c 21

“Lori” is a little food scavanger especially fond of cheese and popcorn. She is a funny and crazy little girl and it was certain she would stay at home.

More pictures of Lori

CH NO*Eunacera Luna PEB e 21

“Naala” is my first Peterbald cat, and she is a soft and special little creature. She is imported from Norway and the mother of my first Peterbald litter with CH S*Cupcakes Figgalicious, resulting in IC SE*Odd I’s Carol Anne. 
Naala is now neutered. 

More pictures of Naala