The Cupcakes Team

We live in a big house in Tumba, Stockholm together with our longhaired white suiss sheperd dog. The cats are aloud everywhere in the house, and they have access to the glassed-in porch in our garden and have their own dog-free little room aswell. 

Our Peterbalds

S*Cupcakes Dirty Blue 

PEB g 21 83, bluespotted tortoiseshell girl

“Mus” is our new tortietude-girl. She is a funny character and has inherited her mothers love for food and her dads cuddly and cheeky attitude. 

IC SE*Odd I’s Linoleum 

PEB g 21, bluetortie female

“Muffin” is something out of the ordinary! She is just too much, talkative, playful and super cuddly. She also got the real tortietude and steals and eat just about everything. I mean everything! 

Our Oriental Shorthairs

NO*Ennakeem’s Tokyo OSH c 24 

This boy, is my big love in life. Thank you so much Anne for him, he’s so charming, cool and funny. 
No studservice. 

Ivanthes Jjjolin OSH j 24

“Jolin” is my little funny girl. She purrs instantly just as you look at her and her little paws makes the funniest sound when she walks around. Joline and Kiku are closely related and that’s no mistaking in that, they’re so alike! 
PRA-carrier, neuter

More pictures of Jolin


IP & SC Quan Kiku by Wakisaka OSH g 03 

“Kiku” was born 2007 and is our 10 year old grand lady, mother of S*Cupcakes first litter back in 2009 and a real little finnish diva princess. 
PRA-carrier, neuter

More pictures of Kiku


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