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Learn everything about our kittens, previous and actual litters, plans and how to care for you Peterbald kitten 

Your Peterbald Cat – caring and practical information

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You can find me and my cats on social media via Facebook and Instagram with links located on the bottom of the webpage. On our Instagram, you can find many of the kittens from previous litters with their owners, providing you with an insight to the daily life with an Peterbald cat.

Think it through

Due to the breed, I do not recommend these kittens to first time owners and owners with minimal experience with caring for felines. It is strongly recommended, that you gain knowledge and experience with similar breeds before committing to having a Peterbald kitten. Buyers are selected through a process of personal preference. This is due to my extensive knowledge of Peterbald’s. .


I recommend the following foods for our kittens: M.U.S.H raw food. My cats and kittens are fed MUSH from the start and I’ve seen that giving the kittens and cats raw food like MUSH really gives strong and healthy kittens. Read and learn more about M.U.S.H here. I am also an ambassador for MUSH. 


What's included

When you buy a kitten from SE*Odd I’s, it will receive two vaccinations with a 3- component vaccine. It shall be registered with SVERAK, Fif´2 with Pedigree and will also be ID tagged with a microchip. Each kitten is checked by a veterinarian within seven days before you receive your bundle of joy!

Curious? Wanna meet the kittens?

I live with my peterbalds in Gothenburg and is always happy to let potential new kitten families visit and meet the cats. In fact, I really like to meet you if you’re interested in a particular kitten.


I offer lifelong support in health related questions and other stuff.  I also teach my buyers about proper nutrition and caring for the cats teeths. I cannot stretch how important health is for me when breeding, but since I’m dealing with living creatures, I can’t unfortunately promise anything. 

Litters planned for 2019:

IC NO*Ennakeem’s Tokyo, OSH c 24 x IC SE*Odd I’s Linoleum will be dating very soon. 
We’re also expecting a litter out of CH S*Cupcakes Dirty Blue, PEB g 21 83. 
We have also decided that all kittens sold as beloved pets hereafter will be neutered when they move to their new home, this is because of continuosly asked if they will be from our previous buyers, and we find that this is a service we want to provide. Of course this doesn’t apply to kittens sold for breeding.

Latest litter news

A big bunch of little ones has arrived. “Iris” SE*Odd I’s My Heart is Yearning has had her first litter. It’s a lovely bunch of chocolates, chocolate spotted and black classic tabbies, both fully coated, brush and perhaps some flock ones. 
you can see the pedigree of these newborns. 

All 9 little treasures have now moved to their new homes and we wish them good luck in the future. 

A special congratulations so SE*Odd I’s Jedi Mind Trick, PEB n 22 83 who got Ex1, Best In Variety and Nomination for Best In Show at his first show! 

Earlier litters at SE*Odd I’s Peterbald Cattery

#whitetrash litter born 2015
SE*Odd I’s Bo Derek, PEB d 24 82
red spotted full coat male
“Bowser” lives with his brother

SE*Odd I’s Bo Diddley, PEB d 82
red male
“Yoshi” lives together with his brother.

SC SE*Odd I’s Carol Anne, PEB f 21 “Nouba”
Black tortie agouti flock female.
Stayed with Amanda. Parents of this litter is: CH S*Cupcakes Figgalicious, PEB n 21 83, "Roffe" and CH NO*Eunacera Luna, PEB e 21 "Naala"

#whitetrash Pictures

#punkindrublic litter born 2016 
GIC SE*Odd I’s Leave it Alone JW, PEB a
blue flock male
“Ior” stayed and lives with Amanda and is now Int. Ch. and became the first ever Peterbald to the achiev Junior Winner in FIFés history.

IC SE*Odd I’s Linoleum PEB g 21
bluetortie flock female
“Muffin” lives with Jenny, S*Cupcakes

SE*Odd I’s Don’t Call me White, PEB e 21 83
cremespotted male
“Frans” lives in Gothenburg.

IC SE*Odd I’s Lori Meyers, PEB c 21
lilacspotted female
“Lori” stayed and lives with Amanda.

CH SE*Odd I’s My Heart is Yearning, PEB b 21 83
chocolatespotted female
“Iris” is  sited with Julia and her two oritentals Gullan and Spader.

SE*Odd I’s Punk Guy, PEB n 24 82
full coat blackspotted male
“Gösta” lives with his lovely family

SE*Odd I’s Scavenger Type, PEB b 21 83
chocolate spotted brush male
“Dobby” lives in Linköping

Parents of this litter is: IC S*Tiddlywinks Eys I am Siam, SIA n and GIC SE*Odd I's Carol Anne PEB f 21 "Nouba"


#punkindrublic pictures

#wutangclan litter born 2018-08-01 

9 babies, all without defects. An amazing experience. We wanna wish Julia Magnusson, the sited queen “Iris’s” mom good luck in the future as she’s keeping both Jedi Mind Trick “Iwan” and Wu, now “Viola” and their mom My Heart is Yearning “Iris”

SE*Odd I’s ILL Bill, PEB b 21 83
Chocolate spotted brush male

SE*Odd I’s Delinquent, PEB b 82
Chocolate full coated female

SE*Odd I’s De La Soul, PEB b 82
Chocolate full coated male

SE*Odd I’s Slaine, PEB n 22 82
Black classic tabby full coated male

SE*Odd I’s Madchild, PEB b 24 82
Chocolate spotted full coated male

SE*Odd I’s Immortal Technique, PEB b 83, Chocolate brush male

SE*Odd I’s Jedi Mind Trick, PEB n 22 83 Black classic tabby male

SE*Odd I’s Wu, Female, PEB b
Chocolate brush female

SE*Odd I’s La Coka Nostra, PEB b 22 82
Black classic tabby full coated female

Parents of this litter is: S*Casa El Gatos Damien OSH n x CH SE*Odd I's My Heart is Yearning PEB b24


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between rubber/gummy, flock and brush? What is velour?

The rubber or gummy cats are the completely naked ones, and I’m including any naked cats in me breeding program but recommend the flock/velour or the brush instead! The flock and velour feels like a smooth velvey feel to the touch and the coat is no longer than 2mm all over the cats body. The brush varies, but it feels and looks like a shaggy oriental coat to the touch.
Velour is a version of flock that’s a bit more coated than the original flock – even more velvety!

Does Peterbald have problems with FORL and teeth?

The answer is unfortunately yes, but I strongly recommend and encourages the buyers to really care for the teeths of their cats. Brush their teeth as a daily routine from a young age and you can avoid so much unecessary costs in the future. I also strongly recommend an ultrasound toothbrush, it’s worth every single penny and really removes plaque and tartar build-up to prevent paradontitis and gingivits for example. 

What are you testing for?

We are testing for PRA – Progressive Retinal Atropophy
But also the treatable but annoying parasites as Giardia and TF and the viruses Herpes, Calici and bacterial infections Chlamydia Felis and Mycoplasma Felis. The cats are also vaccinated against Herpes/Calici (Cupcakes-kittens also against Chlamydia Felis). 

Do you sell cats for breeding?

To registered breeders with a good reputation and feeling, yes I do.