We’ve been to a couple of shows 2018 with our Peterbalds, showing three generations in Nyköping in March and three of them on Scandinavian Winner Show in Gothenburg.

On the Nyköping show we had a three generation Best in Variety with grandma SC SE*Odd I’s Carol Anne, PEB f 21, her daughter CH SE*Odd I’s Linoleum PEB g 21 and the daughter of her, S*Cupcakes Dirty Blue PEB g 24 83! Muffin really love to show herself and she ended up winning the Best in Variety over her mother and daughter!
Muffin also got the title Champion and was Best breding female in Category IV!

The peterbalds from the litter also attended,
S*Cupcakes Dreams so Real, PEB a 21 33 83
S*Cupcakes Dirty Blue, PEB g 21 83
S*Cupcakes One Trick Pony PEB a 21 83
They all got really nice critics, turning the heads of the judges and actually became Best in Show litter in Category IV.
They didn’t recieve any nominations but they all got pretty close to one and was asked to come back for the nominations.

One who did get Nomination for Best in Show was the mother, Muffin! She was a real diva in the panels and really loved to be up there showing off her beauty.

We also attended Scandinavian Winner Show 2018 in Gothenburg, having a really nice weekend at Amandas place with her cats and the two little poodles.
We met a lot of people asking questions and showing much interest in the peterbalds, and 3 out of the 4 peterbalds at SWS was our cats,
IC SE*Odd I’s Leave it Alone, “Ior” who got called back for nomination and was told by the judge that he was among the absolutely best peterbalds he ever seen.
S*Cupcakes One Trick Pony had the same judge, and he got really nice words about having such good technique in his head, super green eyecolor and a lovely harsh brush.
S*Cupcakes Dirty Blue had another judge, and she really had eight legs and a loud voice on the judges table, but a very nice judgement and good critique overall!

Grandma Nouba and Amanda during the Best In Variety

Amanda showing S*Cupcakes Dreams so Real when we showed the entire litter together. The babies even talked in the microphone when they got called out as the Best litter 😀

A picture of S*Cupcakes One Trick Pony, “Kylo” during the Nominations at Scandinavian Winner Show 2018

Simon, Jenny and Amanda with the three babies posing a bit with the BIS-litter in Nyköping: