We’re really proud to announce our Grand Old Lady placed 3rd on Cat of the Year Best Veteran!
IP & SC Quan Kiku by Wakisaka ended her show carrier in a superb way, also gaining nominations as neuter female and votes in panel against much younger cats, she showed everyone that she might be old, but she’s still gold.
I will miss bringing her to shows, she loves to stay in hotels and to show herself at the judges panel and in the panel, a true princess and a real diva!

CH Kioko Cosmo came all the way from Durban in South Africa and turned heads on his first show, when he got a nomination as an adult male in such hard competition!
I was so proud I could burst, and he ended the show year with yet another nomination, purring his way all the way to the panels.

We didn’t attend so many shows in 2017, but we still had a very successful year after a long break from shows.
Now we’re looking forward to show our keeper babies from Cosmo’s and Muffin’s litter born in November 2017 in 2018!