30th of July 2017 was a historical day, the first Peterbald in FIFé achieved the title JUNIOR WINNER – and he happens to be  IC SE*Odd I’s Leave it Alone JW. He also ended up placing #5 on Cat of the Year in SVERAK 2017 in the youngster division and is group 1 Peterbalds Best in Variety total 2017 and with that also the only Peterbald placing himself in the Cat of The Year lists!
We are incredibly proud over our big blue boy.

SE*Odd I’s Carol Anne “Nouba” became Supreme Champion, she is the first swedish born Peterbald to achiev this high title, and the second Peterbald female in history to get it in Sweden.
She also had two nominations and one Best In Show Adult female in Norway. What a female!

and on the last swedish show of the year.. we got a SUPER ending and couldn’t belive how
SE*Odd I’s Lori Meyers became BIV, NOM & Best In Show Adult Female at Ädelkatten in Göteborg in such hard competition! The show took photos of all the BIS-winners and here you can see a happy Amanda with sweet and funny Lori who really impressed the judges.

Here’s a picture of the Best in Variety Group 1 Peterbalds at Ädelkatten,
from left to right: SE*Odd I’s My Heart Is Yearning, IC SE*Odd I’s Leave it Alone JW and SE*Odd I’s Lori Meyers who won the BIV!

We’re so happy to show our sweet and lovely Peterbalds on shows, and we’re looking forward to the show year of 2018!