19th & 20th August Sundsvall Showbrag

IP & SC Quan Kiku by Wakisaka recieved 2xCAGCIB and became 2 times Best In Show Veteran this weekend in Sundsvall, we’re so proud over the grand old lil’ diva who really loves to show herself in her pecurliar way. Kioko Cosmo also attended this show...

We have a GIC

Swedish born and bred GIC SE*Odd I’s Carol Anne “Nouba” recieved her title Grand International Champion in Östlykke, Denmark at the DARAK show on 2017-08-06.

Kioko Cosmo from South Africa

After a long wait he has arrived from Durban, South Africa! Kioko Cosmo is a lilac tabby pointed brush male, PRA-free and will hopefully provide us with lovely kittens. Thank you Nicole Barratt, Kioko Cattery!

We have a Junior Winner!

SE*Odd I’s Leave it Alone became JUNIOR WINNER this weekend at the show in Södertälje outside Stockholm and we couldn’t be more proud of him! “Ior” is the first Peterbald in FIFé to achiev this title and it feels both amazing and unreal for...